GSK Australia Invests in Aseptic Filling

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GSK Australia's Boronia site will install next-generation blow-fill-seal machinery for aseptic filling.

GSK Australia will be investing approximately $27 million (AUD$31 million) in next-generation manufacturing technology to expand its Boronia site near Melbourne, the company announced in a press release. The expansion will include the introduction of high-speed, blow-fill-seal machinery developed specifically for advanced aseptic packing of sterile pharmaceutical liquids.

GSK's Boronia facility has used blow-fill-seal manufacturing for 25 years. The new machine is expected to become operational in January 2016. It will be dedicated for the manufacturing of Ventolin (salbutamol sulfate) nebules and will allow the facility to meet increased demands from emerging markets, particularly China, Turkey, and Brazil where patients look for low-cost, accessible treatments for asthma.  

“Over the past four decades we have invested more in respiratory than any other company," said Geoff McDonald, GSK Australia VP and general manager, Pharmaceuticals, in a press release. "Our focus and expertise in this area has allowed us tremendous insight into patient needs across the world. Investing in improved presentations and manufacturing innovation is just one way we can continue to address these.”


Gregor McNab, GSK Asia Pacific and North Asia Regional supply chain head, Pharmaceuticals, further emphasized the business’s continued focus on access and the importance of innovation. ‘‘Cutting-edge manufacturing technology plays a vital role for advancing global public health, particularly in emerging markets where affordability can be an issue. By applying the latest technology to our existing practices, we can increase our efficiency, lower costs, and improve access of our medicines to those who need them,’’ he said in a press release.

Source: GSK