Headspace Sampler Tray

Published on: 
Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, June 2023, Volume 47, Issue 6
Pages: 12

The Agilent 8697 Headspace Sampler -XL Tray features improvements to capacity and ease-of-use.

In addition to its existing 48-vial capacity tray, Agilent now offers the Agilent 8697 Headspace Sampler-XL Tray, which features a 120-vial capacity. The 8697 tray includes new instrument intelligence features that increase uptime and operator ease-of-use relative to its predecessor.

The device’s intelligence features are enabled through self-monitoring operations and guiding operators that use various troubleshooting and maintenance procedures. The system performs automated system checks, including leak checks, early maintenance feedback, and self-diagnostics. Additionally, the new tray can be run with alternate carrier gasses due to the separation of vial pressurization and the sample loop for added method flexibility.

Additionally, the complete gas chromatography headspace system is designed to perform checks to ensure that the system and data quality are up to standard operating procedure standards to avoid recollection of samples and reruns.