High-Capacity Vacuum Filtration Units

Published on: 
Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, February 2022 Issue, Volume 46, Issue 2
Pages: 12

Sartorius’ Sartolab RF|BT 150–1000 vacuum filtration units provide fast, high-capacity filtration.

Sartorius’ Sartolab RF|BT 150–1000 vacuum filtration units offer faster and higher capacity filtration relative to past units while also allowing for enhanced physical stability for a wide range of sample types.

The modifications to the product’s design include increased membrane surface area to facilitate optimal filtration, an 0.45 μm polyethersulfone membrane in place of the 0.45 μm cellulose acetate membrane to increase flow rate while keeping the same low-protein binding properties, and an optimized center of gravity to increase stability of the units.

The new units can be directly used on the Sartolab Multistation for parallel filtration. Additionally, the new vacuum filtration units are available in three different pore sizes to meet the needs of most applications: 0.1 μm, 0.22 μm, and 0.45 μm.