High-Plex Spatial Imaging System

Published on: 
Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, June 2022, Volume 46, Issue 6
Pages: 12

Standard BioTools’ Hyperion+ Imaging System can process more samples and has lower limits of detection than its predecessor.

Standard BioTools Hyperion+ Imaging System is a high-plex spatial imaging system that builds on the capabilities of its predecessor. Relative to the original Hyperion Imaging System, the Hyperion+ provides lower limits of detection, improved sample capacity, and quicker time to results.

The system can process more than 100 samples per week, approximately twice the speed of their current model. It also has a 1.6x lower limit of detection, enabling detection of dim markers. The device allows for scanning of eight to over 40 targets in a single run and can easily be scaled to more than 100 targets. Additionally, by using an efficient, simple stain, image, and analyze workflow, it reduces expenses up to 10x relative to immunohistochemistry.

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