Improving Aseptic Processing and Manufacturing Needs

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Webinar Date/Time: Thursday, August 24th, 2023 at 11am EDT | 8am PDT | 4pm BST | 5pm CEST

In this Drug Digest video, our speakers will discuss aseptic processing and the manufacturing portion of the process. Join the Drug Digest video to help prepare for manufacturing and barriers that arise in the aseptic process. Learn how open and closed isolators, surface decontamination, and automated aseptic processing relate to conventional aseptic procedures.

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Event Overview:

Aseptic processing is important to almost every step of the manufacturing process for pharmaceuticals, like formulation, filling, and inspection (1). According to recent research, this market is expected to be valued at $83 million (USD) and to increase approximately 6.7% in the next ten years (2).

With more growth comes more challenges, and these industry practices need to be refined for the best execution with each pharmaceutical created.

In this Drug Digest video, Dan Strange, TBD, and Richard Denk, TBD will provide expert insights about aseptic processing and manufacturing, including barriers to automated aseptic processing, what the future holds for this area, indirect product contact parts, and open and closed isolators.

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  2. Future Market Insights. Aseptic processing market. April 2023.

Key Learning Objectives

  • The ability to identify barriers in automated aseptic processing and aseptic processing in general
  • The ability to learn about different moving parts in the process, like closed system, isolators, indirect product contact parts, and surface decontamination
  • Problem solving: ability to develop a plan for solving the biggest barriers in the clean room for a more efficient manufacturing process
  • Awareness: ability to successfully pinpoint new approaches to aseptic processing and how to respond as a laboratory personnel/manufacturer

Who Should Attend

  • Aseptic processing and sterilization experts
  • Biopharma developers and manufacturers
  • Single-use technology manufacturers
  • Biopharma packagers
  • QA/QC personnel
  • QPs
  • GMP Inspectors/personnel


Dan Strange
CTO at Cellular Origins

Richard Denk
Head Sales Containment, SKAN AG

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