Inspection and Reconciliation Machine Accurately Counts Tray Loads

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The CountQ system from Verista automates accurate counts of tray-loaded parts, including vaccine vials.

The CountQ system from Verista is an inspection and reconciliation machine for tray-loaded parts that increases accuracy of count and throughput versus manual methods. The machine handles vials, syringes, ampoules, and other tray-loaded parts. The system uses deep learning, which is a type of artificial intelligence (AI), to inspect products that cannot be counted consistently with traditional machine vision technologies due to variation in products and presentation to the camera, such as the inspection of ampoules.

“How quickly COVID-19 vaccine production ramps up will depend on technology like CountQ for vial count verification and reconciliation,” says Jim Evans, director of the Vision, Connectivity, and Automation Division at Verista (a company formed in 2020 by unifying Clarke Solutions, Covex LLC, and Acquire Automation). “The CountQ system provides vaccine manufacturers increased efficiency and count accuracy, while reducing operational costs. Our unique AI-based counting system works with an operator to verify everything on a tray of vials is accounted for and correct.”

The system enables a trained operator to accurately inspect a tray in 15 seconds. Software provides 100% electronic verification of product counts and eliminates count deviations that can occur during the filling, inspection, and packaging processes. The stainless-steel systems are available in multiple portable forms, including full-sized units with conveyor transport and smaller manual feed and inline options.

Source: Verista