ionHP Biodecontamination Technology for Aseptic Systems

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The ionHP biodecontamination hydrogen peroxide-based sterilization technology is designed for use in aseptic enclosures.

The ionHP biodecontamination system by Telstar is used in aseptic enclosures to resolve difficulties associated with hydrogen peroxide biodecontamination processes. The ionHP technology increases the efficacy of the decontamination process and reduces degradation of construction materials by requiring a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide. In addition, the reduced bio-decontamination cycle times are possible since the process efficiency is not affected by temperature and humidity; there is no need to pre-condition the chamber prior to the hydrogen peroxide injection, according to the company.

ionHP can be used in open air and, once ionized, acts like a gas as opposed to a vapor, which offers operational, commercial, and environmental benefits. According to the company, this gives the ionHP a shorter decontamination process time and it does not require special atmospheric conditions, which eliminates the need for the air conditioning units required with traditional systems, reducing equipment cost. The ionHP also uses a base concentration of 7.5% volume, while traditional hydrogen peroxide systems use 30-35%.

This new system is also is more effective due to the positively charged droplets being attracted to the negatively charged surface areas and the ionHP does not leave behind any residue, reducing costs by shortening cleaning activities, the company reports.


Source: Telstar