JSR Life Sciences Expands European Footprint

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JSR Life Sciences has increased its European footprint with a new expanded facility in Switzerland, that will combine the company’s two affiliates in one campus.

California-based JSR Life Sciences has increased its European footprint with a new expanded facility in Geneva, Switzerland, that will combine the company’s two affiliates, KBI Biopharma and Selexis SA, in one campus. The expansion was announced in an Oct. 20, 2020 press release.

The Stellar 32 campus will provide 8700 m2 of space for the affiliate companies to co-locate and will provide the opportunity for European customers of JSR Life Sciences to receive current good manufacturing practice (CGMP) biologics bulk drug substance manufacturing and highly specialized mammalian cell line development services. It is anticipated that the new campus will create more than 250 new highly technical jobs.

“JSR Life Sciences is proud to have best-in-class companies focused on translating customers’ ideas into novel biologics that are improving patients’ lives worldwide,” said Tim Lowery, president of JSR Life Sciences, in the press release. “This strategic investment in our European operations creates new options by linking the core strengths of our affiliates, increases efficiencies, and ultimately accelerates our customers’ ability to bring innovative life science products into the marketplace. In addition, KBI and Selexis will benefit from the extensive biopharma industrial base, advanced technical resources, and specialized education offerings in this region.”

Part of the expansion will comprise a 5600 m2 biologic bulk drug substance manufacturing facility for KBI Biopharma, which is expected to be operational by mid-2022. Through this facility, KBI Biopharma will be able to supply customers with CGMP bulk drug substance for clinical trials. Selexis’ expanded footprint will include new standard cell line development suites and two separate cell culture suites to accommodate quarantined client-specific cell lines or client-dedicated cell line spaces, which are expected to be operational by mid-2021.


“This expansion is a cornerstone of our European growth strategy, which builds on Selexis’ innovative cell line technologies and KBI’s strong expertise in biologics manufacturing to meet the needs of our clients’ clinical trial requirements. The new facility allows us to increase engagement with a broader client base with whom we can partner more effectively due to our local presence,” added Dirk Lange, president and CEO of KBI Biopharma and CEO of Selexis SA, in the press release. “As science progresses, research and treatments become increasingly complex and sophisticated, and we are fully prepared to keep pace with our clients’ needs by providing the latest life science discovery and development technology. Furthermore, by co-locating these operations, the synergies for rapid cell line and process development and introduction to manufacturing will be tremendous, which we see as a true advantage for our client base.”

Source: JSR Life Sciences