Labels Help Prevent Package-to-Product Migration

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Schreiner MediPharm's low-migration labels for plastic containers use qualified adhesive systems, materials, and inks.

Low-migration labels from Schreiner MediPharma are designed for use with plastic containers, which are increasingly being used in lieu of glass in primary pharmaceutical packaging. The specialty labels use qualified adhesive systems, materials, and inks.

A variety of factors-including cost-effectiveness, break resistance and convenience-explain the rise of plastics in pharmaceutical packaging containers. When compared to glass, however, plastic containers bring an increased risk of package-to-product migration, meaning that molecules from solvents and other substances contained in inks, adhesives, and film materials could potentially migrate through the packaging over time. This potential drawback is especially relevant in the case of soft plastics, such as eyedrop bottles, said Schreiner MediPharm in a press release.

To ensure that harmless materials are used for each particular label design, Schreiner MediPharm conducted a study with an independent test institute to analyze, calculate, and evaluate the migration tendency of various label compositions.  The results make it possible to specifically develop low-migration label solutions for each application, without any major expenditure of time or investment by the pharmaceutical manufacturer.