Laser Coating Improves Packaging Coding

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3C! Packaging's Clear Code coating enhances laser-etching on pharmaceutical packaging.


3C! Packaging's new Clear Code coating for laser-etching applications enhances clarity and contrast. Clear Code uses an industrial CO2 laser that works with a clear coating by causing a color-change reaction to produce a positive contrast image. While it was once common practice to laser-etch into darker inks, incorporating a large area of dark coating often interferes with overall design. This technique allows laser ablation on clear coating, allowing a greater space for design and product information. The technique also achieves an accurate, opaque image. The process requires no inks, ribbons, applicators, or other consumables, which simplifies the process and makes it more cost-effective and eco-friendly. It offers high precision, functionality, and consistency without intruding upon limited design and product information space. 

Source: 3C! Packaging