Leistritz to Host Pharmaceutical-Nutraceutical Extrusion Seminar

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The event, taking place on June 6–7, 2018 in Clinton and Somerville, NJ, will focus on the latest melt extrusion and granulation technologies for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

Leistritz announced its Pharmaceutical-Nutraceutical Extrusion Seminar will take place on June 6–7, 2018. The two-day event will focus on the latest melt extrusion and granulation technologies for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products and will include classroom sessions at the Holiday Inn in Clinton, NJ, and extrusion demonstrations at the nearby Leistritz Process Laboratory in Somerville, NJ.

Day-one seminar topics include:

  • “Twin Screw Extrusion Theory, Tips and Test Results” with Charlie Martin, Leistritz

  • “Twin Screw Design, Processing Guidelines, and Scale-Up” with Bill Thiele, Leistritz

  • “Developments in Twin Screw Granulation” with Mike Thompson, McMaster University

  • “Hot-Melt Extrusion Viewed as a Special Polymer Compounding” with Costas Gogos, Polymer Processing Institute

  • “Downstream Extrusion Equipment for Processing Shape Extrusions in Pharmaceutical Applications” with Bob Bessemer, Conair Group

  • “Continuous Twin-Screw Melt Granulation of Thermally Labile Drug/Case Study” with Tony Listro, Foster Delivery Science.

Live demonstrations at the Leistritz laboratory will showcase:

  • Nano-16 twin screw extrusion system processing 50-gram batch samples

  • Film/lamination extrusion system as used for transdermal or dissolvable film applications

  • Melt extrusion of poorly soluble active ingredients

  • Foaming of an extrudate via sCO2 injection

  • Wet and melt granulation.

Day-two seminar topics include: 

  • “Design and Application of Twin Screw Extruder Elements” with Brian Haight, Leistritz

  • “Understanding the Extrusion Design Space of HPMCAS” with Kevin O'Donnell, Dow Food, Pharma & Medical

  • “Industrial Pharmaceutical Application Converting a Fluid Bed Granulation Process to Twin Screw Wet Granulation” with Crystal Miranda, Merck

  • “Polymers Meeting the Challenges with Poorly Soluble APIs by HME” with Shaukat Ali, BASF

  • “Solubility Enhancement and Targeted Delivery Using Eudragit and Eudraguard for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Dietary Supplements” with Firouz Asgarzadeh, Evonik

  • “Twin Screw Granulation: A Case Study for Enabling an Adaptive Study Plan” with Steve Pafiakis, Bristol-Myers Squibb

  • “Stabilizing Meloxicam During Twin Screw Extrusion” with Abbe Hasar, Merck

  • “Granulation Technologies, Developments and Applications” with Tom Durig, Ashland Specialty Ingredients

  • “Die and Downstream Extrusion Techniques” with Augie Machado, Leistritz

  • “Cleaning and Validation of Extrusion Equipment” with Bert Elliott, Leistritz

  • “Control Systems for Pharma Extrusion” with Pete Palmer, Wolock & Lott

  • Interactive screw assembly/design demonstration.

In addition to the presentation materials, attendees will receive a copy of the recently published second edition of the Pharmaceutical Extrusion Technology textbook.

For more information, contact Sarah Scovens, e-mail sscovens@leistritz-extrusion.com, 908.685.2333, x614.

Source: Leistritz