Marken Expands Kit-Building Operations In Singapore

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Marken's expansion is fully operational to support clinical-trial material supply.

Marken, a clinical supply-chain services provider, has expanded its kit-building operations in Singapore. The facility is fully operational and began shipping earlier this year. The kit-building unit in Singapore is supported by GMP operators and quality assurance personnel who operate the depot facility. The depot/kit facility is adjacent to Marken’s Singapore distribution hub, located near the Chiangi airport. Marken staff can receive drug product and kit materials at the depot, assemble and store kits, store drug product, and distribute clinical materials to investigator sites throughout Asia. Marken currently produces 15,000 kits per month and distributes more than 350,000 kits annually to investigator sites on a global basis.

The addition of the Singapore site is part of an ongoing global expansion plan within Marken. The company is considering developing an additional kit-building facility in either Miami or Brazil in the future. The company also has kit-building operations in Hamburg, Germany.


Source: Marken