Medherant Reveals Positive Phase I Results of Transdermal Patch

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Medherant has announced positive results from two Phase I trials evaluating its transdermal drug delivery patch loaded with ibuprofen.

Developer of transdermal drug delivery treatments, Medherant, has revealed the successful completion of two Phase I studies, evaluating its transdermal drug delivery patch, TEPI Patch, loaded with ibuprofen.

The trials evaluated the clinical safety of the adhesive used in the patch and also the concentrations of ibuprofen in the blood following repeated applications of the patch when compared with a single oral dose of ibuprofen. In the first trial, the patch was found to be well-tolerated by all subjects, and in the second trial, the levels of drug in the blood of the subjects were found to be lower than that in the subjects administered with an oral dose of ibuprofen.

"These positive Phase I results signify a major milestone in the ongoing development of our TEPI Patch drug delivery technology and demonstrate that our novel adhesive can be used safely," said Nigel Davis, CEO of Medherant, in a Nov. 5, 2018, press release. "The successful completion of these trials is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication. We look forward to taking the Ibuprofen TEPI Patch into Phase III clinical testing."


The company has announced that it is seeking Series A financing in support of its Phase III study evaluating the ibuprofen TEPI Patch. Additionally, the funding will be used to progress its portfolio of patch products, which includes a cannabinoid and patches for Alzheimer’s disease, to clinical development.

Source: Medherant