Metrion Biosciences Relocates to New Headquarters

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Metrion’s new 12,000 ft² headquarters will significantly expand its range of services and cell lines.

Metrion Biosciences, a contract research and drug discovery company, announced on Sept. 22, 2021, that it was relocating to a new, custom-designed headquarters at Grant Park in Cambridge. This move was done as a means of significantly expanding its range of services and cell lines.

The 12,000-ft² facility more than doubled Metrion’s previous laboratory space. The new laboratories have significant additional capacity for client projects, with dedicated space for 384-well format automated electrophysiology and enhanced liquid handling. It was specifically designed to support the addition of good laboratory practice compliant cardiac safety services and expanded cell biology facilities.

“Our new headquarters has been specifically designed to support Metrion’s ambitious business plan for global growth, with a particular focus on the USA in 2022. Following the recent appointment of Nick Foster as Chief Commercial Officer, the additional space will also allow for further growth of Metrion’s team of expert laboratory scientists,” said Andrew Southan, chief executive of Metrion Biosciences, in a company press release. “Metrion continues to build its reputation as a leading provider of drug discovery research services for ion channel targets across multiple therapeutic areas and I look forward to working with the team during this next phase of growth for our company.”


Source: Metrion Biosciences