Modular Platform for Agitator Bead Mill Optimizes Grinding

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The Alpha agitator bead mill from Netzch is designed to mount different grinding systems on the same base platform.


Agitator bead mills are used for grinding and dispersing a wide variety of products; optimal processing of these products requires different methods of operation, specific energies, and energy densities in the agitator bead mill, which can be realized using different versions of the machine with disks or pegged agitators. Depending on the product group and product properties, different types of agitator bead mills of different sizes and drive performance are used. The use of a universal agitator bead mill has thus not been practical.

The new Alpha modular machine platform from Netzch solves this problem and is designed to mount different grinding systems on the same base platform as appropriate for a defined drive capacity. The Discus disk grinding system is used here primarily for dispersion applications in multi-pass operation. The Zeta system with optimized grinding media separation is used mainly for operation in the circulation or multi-passage mode. As the third grinding system, the new Macro peg system facilitates the highest power input in passage operation.

The ergonomic design of the machine stand was a primary consideration during the development phase. The system has a self-supporting grinding chamber, which ensures accessibility to the grinding area during operation and maintenance. Integrated hoses and pipes prevent contamination and make cleaning and operation easier. The Alpha Cart service cart facilitates removal of the grinding tank and the emptying of grinding media; standardization allows one cart to be used for several machines.

Source: Netzsch