Molecular Profiles Launches New Development Platform at CPhI

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This year's CPhI sees Molecular Profiles launching its ROADMAP to Clinical Trials screening platform.

This year’s CPhI sees Molecular Profiles launching its ROADMAP to Clinical Trials screening platform, a tool that aims to support companies with the rapid development of their drug products.

The new enabling technologies screening platform incorporates Molecular Profiles’ existing formulation and analytical development modules and streamlines the development of effective and bioavailable drug products.

The technology brings together several advanced processing capabilities, such as hot-melt extrusion (HME), nano-milling, SEDDS/SMEDDS, and spray drying, and enables Molecular Profiles to investigate, evaluate, and recommend to clients a development pathway that is best suited based on science.

Claire Madden-Smith, commercial director at Molecular Profiles, explains in a press statement, “There are critical decisions that clients can now make at an early stage in the drug development process, which can have major, longer term consequences for their compounds.”

According to Molecular Profiles, the idea behind this ROADMAP to Clinical Trials platform is to provide a robust streamlined pathway to clinic. “Even for challenging product development, we have introduced a screening process, which can provide strong scientific evidence based on in-vitro and in-vivo data to help progress to formulation optimization in less than eight weeks,” added Madden-Smith. “Ultimately, it’s about rapidly assisting clients to choose a development pathway that will be the most time, cost and volume efficient route for their valuable product.”


The UK-based pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services provider recently made a major investment into additional equipment, as part of a wider project focusing on enabling technologies earlier this year that facilitate processing of difficult-to-progress molecules.

As part of the creation of its enabling technologies package, Molecular Profiles also recently announced a collaboration with fellow Nottingham-based company XenoGesis that adds additional expertise in preclinical drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) to its enabling technologies platform.

Molecular Profiles manufactures a range of finished dosage forms for clinical trials—solids, liquids, semi-solids, and inhaled products, including potent compounds and controlled drugs, from its MHRA-licensed facility.  

Source: Molecular Profiles