Multi-Agitator Low-to-Medium Viscosity Mixer

Published on: 
Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, April 2023, Volume 47, Issue 4
Pages: 12

The ROSS Model CDA-200 is fitted with multiple agitators for semi-continuous operation.

Customized for shear-sensitive applications with low to medium viscosity, the ROSS Model CDA-200 features a two-wing anchor agitator and two medium-speed agitators, each fit with five rows of three-blade pitched turbines. The mixer was supplied with two portable stainless-steel mixing vessels and transport covers for semi-continuous operation, a four-gallon charging hopper for introducing ingredients to the batch, and a thermoprobe for accurate temperature readings.

All three agitators are driven independently by explosion-proof inverter-duty motors. The two-wing anchor includes Teflon scrapers that contact the jacketed sidewall and bottom surfaces. Double FlexiLip seals and silicone O-rings enable vacuum operation up to 29.5 Hg for creating air-free pastes, slurries, gels, and suspensions.

Designed for heavy-duty use, the ROSS line of Multi Shaft Mixers standardizes on precision bearings with large bearing spans that reduce agitator shaft deflection and vibration, contributing to the quality and longevity of these machines. With no bearings and seals in the product zone, ROSS Multi-Shaft Mixers are designed to offer better protection against contamination compared to other designs with bottom-entering agitators

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