Multi-Chamber Blister Package Protects Without Cool Storage

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The Multi-Chamber Blister System is a blister package that incorporates Amcor's SafeMix cold form laminate to transport vaccines and sensitive APIs without the need for cool storage.

Medicines and vaccines with unstable and moisture-sensitive ingredients can now be transported in one pack, safely and without cool storage, with technology developed by Amcor and Rohrer-Leading Solutions. The Multi-Chamber Blister System is a pharmaceutical blister that incorporates Amcor’s SafeMix cold form laminate. One chamber can be filled with a dry powder incorporating an active ingredient, and the other with a liquid. A frangible seal, once peeled, opens a channel between the chambers and the components are mixed by pushing on the cavities.

The pack enhances drug stability and simplifies the supply chain by eliminating cool storage and glass containers. SafeMix can also be used for diagnostics in situations where a complex laboratory environment cannot be set up. The system represents a new way to transport vaccines or sensitive APIs.

Source: Amcor Flexibles