Multiparticulate Approaches to the Design, Development, and Commercialization of Flexible Dosage Forms

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Webinar Date/Time: Thu, Feb 23, 2023 11:00 AM EST

When might multi-particulate technology be the best option for your dosage form, and how can they be made? Watch this webinar with Lonza experts to find out.

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Event Overview:

Multiparticulate technology is seeing increasing use in the pharmaceutical industry to enable modified release, high dose, and age-appropriate dosage forms. Familiarity with key concepts in technology selection, development, scale up and commercialization paths available for multiparticulate intermediates can be a barrier when deciding whether a multiparticulate approach might be enabling for your compound. This webinar is aimed at guiding formulators and CMC leads on decision criteria for selecting or excluding a multiparticulate approach in early phase development. Formulation and process selection will be discussed for key application areas of this technology, with a forward-looking view on the commercialization paths available. After watching this webinar, viewers will have a working knowledge of multiparticulate technology selection, development, and scale up paths, and commercial manufacturing options for this important class of pharmaceutical dosage forms. In particular, Lonza’s commercial melt-spray-congeal, fluid bed coating, and encapsulation technologies will be highlighted.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand decision criteria in technology selection for multiparticulates – where it can help, and where it won’t.
  • Develop a working knowledge of development and scale-up concepts for multiparticulate intermediates.
  • Understand the commercialization options available for key application areas.

Who Should Attend

  • Formulators and process engineers
  • CMC leads


Hannah Sullivan, PE
Senior Engineer, Multiparticulate Product Development

Hannah Sullivan has worked at Lonza for 8 years, having started in the Global Research and Development group located in Bend, Oregon, and then progressing to an engineering role in the Product Development group. Prior to working at Lonza, Hannah served as Assistant Operations Manager at Abengoa Bioenergy from 2013-2015. Hannah has a BS in Chemical Engineering from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. She has made numerous contributions to spray drying and multiparticulate technologies while at Lonza, both in basic research and customer-facing roles, and is currently focused on commercialization of multiple multiparticulate programs.

Joel Wood
Principal Investigator, Multiparticulate Product Development

Joel Wood has worked with the Product Development team at Lonza for 8 years. Joel started his career at Lonza in the Spray Drying Engineering group, focusing on late-stage process development and commercialization readiness before bringing his expertise to the multiparticulate development group. Joel's current focus is on late-stage development of coated lipid-multiparticulate intermediates. Joel has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Bucknell University.

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