Nanoform and Herantis Pharma Announce Successful Results from PoC Project

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Nanoform and Herantis Pharma's proof of concept project evaluating the application of the nanoforming process has been successful.

Nanoform, a nanoparticle medicine-enabling company, has revealed that its proof of concept (PoC) project evaluating the application of the nanoforming process to Herantis Pharma’s recombinant human Cerebral Dopamine Neurotrophic Factor (rhCDNF) drug candidate has been successful.

According to a Sept. 9, 2021 press release, with the successful completion of the PoC project, demonstrating that the nanoforming process can be successfully applied to rhCDNF, the companies will now progress to a proof of process (PoP) study. In the PoP study, the size and shape of the nanoformed rhCDNF nanoparticles will be further refined and particle biodistribution after intranasal delivery will be evaluated.

“We are excited with these initial results that show nanoforming is effective with Herantis’s rhCDNF program,” said Christian Jones, chief commercial officer of Nanoform, in the company press release. “This PoC study with Herantis Pharma’s rhCDNF further validates the wide applicability of Nanoform’s technologies to a diverse range of molecules. We look forward to now moving into a PoP study and further nanoforming activities as rhCDNF continues its development.”


“This was a key milestone to achieve as part of our broader intranasal administration project for rhCDNF, one of only a few clinical stage assets focused on disease modification of Parkinson’s disease,” added Craig Cook, CEO of Herantis Pharma, in the press release. “The ability to nanoform the rhCDNF molecule improves the chances of success for intranasal administration and creates additional possibilities to impact the lives of patients. We very much look forward to progressing the work with Nanoform.”

Source: Nanoform