New Packaging Solutions on Display at Pharmapack 2017

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Pharmaceutical manufacturers will display a variety of unique packaging solutions during Pharmapack Europe 2017.

Pharmapack Europe, taking place from 1-2 Feb. 2017 in Paris, France, highlights a variety of pharmaceutical packaging and drug-delivery products. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the conference, which will feature more than 380 exhibitors from more than 70 countries around the world.

The 2017 Pharmapack conference provides opportunities for companies to showcase innovative products and services. The Start-Up Hub, a new addition to Pharmapack Europe 2017, provides a dedicated space on the show floor for start-up companies to showcase their ideas, meet potential customers, partners, and investors, and forge new relationships. During the 2017 conference, Pharmapack Europe will also host the annual Pharmapack Awards, honouring innovation in pharmaceutical packaging products.

To find out more about Pharmapack Europe 2017, visit You can visit Pharmaceutical Technology Europe during Pharmapack Europe 2017 at Hall 4 Booth M76. 

Elastomeric stoppers

Aptar Pharma will display the company’s PremiumCoat range of elastomeric stoppers and the eDose Counter for metered dose inhalers at Pharmapack Europe 2017. PremiumCoat is a novel range of elastomeric stoppers with a thin fluoropolymer film surface coating, which acts as a barrier to extractables and leachables that can be released from the elastomer. Aptar recently expanded the PremiumCoat line to include a 13-mm coated stopper and a 1-mL plunger. The company also offers a 20-mm coated stopper.


Aptar’s eDose Counter is designed to enhance patient compliance. The counter’s sensing technology offers direct detection of inhaler spray, eliminating the risk of miscounting. The technology is also compatible with any metering valve design. The eDose counter includes inhaler priming and medication reminders-to-use and end-of-product-life warnings (1). 

Pharmaceutical blister films 

Klöckner Pentaplast will introduce LiquiGuard, the latest addition to the company’s Pentapharm line of pharmaceutical blister films and BlisterPro XCEL Services at Pharmapack. LiquiGuard allows hot- and cold-fill liquids and semi-solids to be formed and packaged in a clear, thermostable laminate film that protects sensitive products from package leaching and moisture gain or loss. LiquiGuard provides protection from temperatures ranging from 120 ºC filling to -183 ºC and lyophilized. The company’s BlisterPro XCEL Services offer pharmaceutical packaging and prototyping capabilities to assist customers in bringing products to market more quickly. Klöckner Pentaplast’s BlisterPro XCEL Services suite located in Charlottesville, VA, aids customers in selecting the appropriate packaging technology for their formulation (2). 

Desiccant packaging solutions

Sanner offers multiple desiccant packaging solutions including the Atmo Guard System, AdPack desiccant sachets, and AdCap desiccant capsules. AdPack desiccant sachets are made of Tyvek and ensure protection of moisture-sensitive drugs such as tablets or capsules inside the packaging. AdCap desiccant capsules offer moisture protection. The AdCap’s grid structure eliminates potential confusion with drugs. Both desiccant solutions comply with all regulatory requirements and can be processed on all common dosing and filling lines. Sanner is showcasing its desiccant packaging solutions at Pharmapack Europe 2017 (3). 

Tungsten-free syringes  

Gerresheimer will showcase the company’s metal-free 1 mL-long Luer Lock Gx RTF syringe at Pharmapack. A common problem with syringes is that traces of tungsten or other metals occasionally remain behind when shaping the syringe cone in the bore. Instead of tungsten, the pin used to shape the cone of the Luerlock Gx RTF syringe is created using a special ceramic. The ceramic material assists in preventing contamination of the syringe. The company will also showcase the Duma Twist-Off Protect, a multilayer product in an injection molding process that offers protection against water vapour and oxygen exposure (4).


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