NewAge Industries Completes Plant Expansion

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NewAge Industries has completed a plant expansion that added new cleanrooms to its headquarters in Southampton, Pa.

NewAge Industries, a tubing product manufacturer, announced that they had finished an expansion project at its southeastern Pennsylvania headquarters on Sept. 29, 2021. The company converted 3100 ft² of existing space at its Southampton, Pa., site into an additional ISO Class 7 certified clean room.

The new clean room is being used to manufacture molded connectors and tubing assemblies.According to a company press release, the decision was made as a result of the pandemic, as it increased demand for flexible tubing and single-use assemblies. The company has plans to build additional clean rooms in a 90,000-ft² building purchased in 2020 that is seven miles away from their main headquarters.

“We simply needed more room and equipment to make and assemble products,” said Ken Baker, CEO, in the press release. “We expanded our clean rooms just a few years ago, and this was another big undertaking. But it was necessary. We have customers who are depending on these critical items used in vaccine development and production.”


To facilitate the conversion, the company relocated an office, employee lockers, and a storage area. The renovated area then received injection molding presses, quality inspection tables, and assembly and packaging stations.

Source: NewAge Industries