Nondestructive Leak Detection Equipment Minimizes Operator Input

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Sepha's VisionScan Max can leak-test full production batches of blister packs.

Sepha's automated, tool-less and nondestructive leak-detection machine, VisionScan Max, has the capability to leak-test full production batches of blister packs with minimal operator input. VisionScan Max has been designed to integrate with blister production lines via automated pick-and-place technologies to further minimize operator requirements, or operate as a stand-alone unit.

The leak detection equipment can test up to 600 packs per hour at accuracy levels of 15 micron, with minimal operator input, and give repeatable, objective pass or fail results. The operator loads a magazine of blisters into the unit, and the unit automatically runs the tests and sorts product into segregated pass and fail containers. The machine is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and features a new, user-friendly human-machine interface that enables operators to access any menu in a maximum of two clicks.

Source: Sepha