Noramco Aligns with Purisys and Halo Pharma to Create Noramco Group

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Noramco Group will be an integrated North American-based API and supply chain services provider.

API manufacturer, Noramco, announced on March 14, 2024 that it has launched the Noramco Group, which includes subsidiaries Purisys, Noramco, and the recently acquired Halo Pharma, to create a supply-chain solution in North America for both clinical and commercial APIs and drug products.

Drug shortages can often be a fallout of supply-chain problems and quality control issues. The reliability of foreign supplies and limited domestic manufacturing of APIs and drug products, has spurred Noramco to enhance supply chain performance and increase domestic North American production by forming the Noramco Group. The new group consists of Wilmington, DE-based Noramco, which supplies commercial APIs globally; Purisys, which offers clinical API development and manufacturing services out of Athens, Georgia; and Halo Pharma, a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) with operations in Whippany, NJ, and Montreal, Quebec. Noramco expects to reduce complexity in industry processes, minimize costs, and improve regulatory compliance by aligning the three companies into one group. Additionally, by combining into one group, Noramco will be able to protect intellectual property with a known domestic source, especially important for companies with new chemical entities.

Lee Karras, CEO of the Noramco Group, emphasized the importance of this alignment in the current market. "The COVID-19 pandemic exposed critical vulnerabilities in our drug supply chain. Government responses, while well-intentioned, proved to be somewhat superficial, leaving the threat of future disruptions unaddressed,” Karras stated in a company press release. “The formation of the Noramco Group is our proactive solution to some of these challenges. We are uniquely positioned to provide our customers with a complete, North American-based supply chain solution. By leveraging our advanced manufacturing capabilities, stringent quality control and compliance measures, and timely delivery, we aim to mitigate the risks associated with drug shortages and ensure a stable and reliable supply of vital APIs and drug products. We are committed to supporting patients by ensuring the supply of critical, lifesaving drugs.”

Noramco manufactures more than 350 products sold in over 30 countries for indications such as ADHD, pain management, and abuse treatment and prevention. The company’s APIs are used by brand and generic-drug small to mid-scale companies.

CDMO, Purisys, offers a 17,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and innovation center and can support the development of custom APIs for a wide range of clinical and commercial applications. The company’s capabilities include controlled substance APIs and a catalog of more than 250 commercial reference standards.


Noramco announced the acquisition of Cambrex Drug Product Business Unit, which was previously known as Halo Pharmaceuticals, in November 2023. The acquisition gave Noramco drug product formulation development, clinical and commercial drug product manufacturing, and packaging services to add to their portfolio.

“This acquisition allows Noramco to provide our customers with more sourcing options beyond APIs. With these additional capabilities, Noramco/Purisys customers can develop drug product formulations for their APIs for both clinical and commercial purposes,” Karras said at the time of the acquisition (1). “Having previously operated the Halo Pharmaceuticals business, I have a direct appreciation of the capabilities of both sites and look forward to working with existing and future customers while welcoming the almost 400 new employees to the Noramco group of companies.”

Noramco Group will be highlighting its services at DCAT Week, March 18–21, 2024, in New York City.


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Source: Noramco Group