Novo Nordisk Launches New Insulin Injection Device in US

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NovePen Echo is the first insulin injection device combining half-unit dosing and memory function

Novo Nordisk has launched a new insulin injection device, NovePen Echo, in the United States. According to the company, this is the first and only pen device available in the US with half-unit dosing and a memory function that records the dose and time passed since the last injection.

The half-unit dose increments mean that patients will be able to better adjust their insulin dose, which is particularly useful for children with diabetes. In addition, 12 fun removable skins are available for a customized look, including kid-friendly designs.

"We and believe this pen can help patients fine tune their dosing while offering added reassurance they are managing their diabetes appropriately," said George McAvoy, vice president of the NovoLog brand team at Novo Nordisk, in a press statement.


Children with Diabetes founder Jeff Hitchcock stated that it is important that new, innovative tools continue to be developed so that children and caregivers have options. “NovePen Echo, which features half-unit dosing from the start and memory function, is a welcome addition to the tools children with diabetes and their caregivers have available, especially when kids are away from home."

NovePen Echo is already available in Europe, Canada and Israel.


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