Ori Biotech and CellGenix Collaborate on Closed-system, Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing

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Ori Biotech is partnering with manufacturers and materials suppliers to develop an automated system for cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

Ori Biotech, a London- and Philadelphia-based manufacturing technology company that supplies an automated, closed system for cell and gene therapy (CGT) manufacturing, and CellGenix, a supplier of raw and ancillary materials for CGT and regenerative medicine headquartered in Germany, announced in a May 13, 2020 press release a non-exclusive strategic partnership to achieve closed-system preparation, formulation, and addition of CellGenix media and growth factors within CGT manufacturing for users of the Ori platform.

“Ori Biotech is continuing to build partnerships with best-in-class experts across the cell and gene therapy ecosystem to help enable our vision of integrated, closed-system manufacturing,” said Farlan Veraitch, co-founder and CSO, Ori Biotech, in the press release. “Innovation around the integration of high-quality materials from CellGenix into the Ori full-stack platform is another step toward enabling our customers to have a fully-closed manufacturing process from end-to-end, removing bottlenecks in formulation, preparation, and process flow.”

Ori recently announced a partnership with Achilles Therapeutics to test the application of Ori’s platform with Achilles’ manufacturing process.


“Achilles is excited to start testing the Ori manufacturing platform in our proprietary clonal neoantigen T-cell (cNeT) therapy manufacturing process,” said Ed Samuel, senior vice-president of manufacturing, Achilles Therapeutics, in the April 14, 2020 press release. “Achilles is at a transformational stage in its development with the recent initiation of our first-in-human clinical studies. By harnessing the immune system to destroy cancer cells our cNeT therapy platform could fundamentally change how cancer is treated. Looking to emerging technologies to support our long-term strategy for a fully automated manufacturing process is central to Achilles’ plans for scaling up our production capabilities to deliver personalized cell therapies.”

Source: Ori Biotech