Packaging Components for Parenteral Drug Development

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Datwyler offers the StarterPack packaging system designed to aid in the development of parenteral drug packaging.

Packaging component supplier Datwyler has announced the StarterPack packaging system designed to support parenteral drug development by providing components that offer sealing compatibility to prevent leaks or other seal integrity concerns throughout the manufacturing and handling process.

Developed in collaboration with specialty glass maker Schott, the StarterPack has Datwyler’s OmniFlex stoppers and Prime Caps, along with Schott’s adaptiQ vials.

The OmniFlex stopper is sprayed with a proprietary fluoropolymer designed to provide a barrier between drug and rubber to minimize extractables and leachables.

The Prime Caps, designed for high-speed filling lines, come in two sizes. A center-gated disc is designed to promote enhanced machinability, low bioburden and particulate levels, and container closure integrity.


The StarterPack was introduced to North American market on Aug. 11, 2021, at CPHI North America.

Source: Datwyler