Pall gives hope to vaccine manufacturers

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The potentially huge demand for vaccines in light of the growing avian flu crisis...

The potentially huge demand for vaccines in light of the growing avian flu crisis may be eased with a novel, speedier production method. In a presentation at the 10th annual China International Pharmaceutical Industry Exhibition in Shanghai (China), Ian Sellick of Pall Corporation described how the use of disposable and scalable technologies to purify large molecule vectors, such as for flu vaccines, can help manufacturers streamline the process and overcome many of the unique challenges associated with vaccine development.

Specifically, Sellick demonstrated the higher binding capacity of the company's single-use Mustang membrane capsules for large molecule applications compared with conventional resin- or gel-based column chromatography. Advantages associated with using Mustang technology are reported to include 10 times larger capacity than conventional media and can operate at significantly faster flow rates; the capture step can be performed frequently in less than 1 hour; efficient removal of contaminants such as DNA, HCP and viruses where applicable; and it reduces the time to get equipment in place as well as qualification and validation time.

"The use of scalable and disposable technologies can significantly improve process economics by eliminating time-consuming steps, safety risks, and several sources of capital and recurring expenses," said Sellick. "Efficient vaccine production requires flexibility and scalability, and current fears of an avian flu pandemic only increase the need for manufacturing capacity. Disposable technologies that efficiently process larger volumes can play a pivotal role in moving the majority of vaccines from clinical trial to full-scale manufacturing."