Pfizer Recalls Lot of Neurontin

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Pfizer Recalls Lot of Neurontin

Pfizer (New York, NY, has voluntarily recalled one lot (40,000 bottles) of its epilepsy medication "Neurontin." According to the company, a manufacturing mechanical failure resulted in some bottles containing empty or partially filled capsules.

The recall affects only 100-mg capsules from lot #15224V, distributed during October and November 2004, only in the United States. The company said it is possible that patients taking Neurontin could experience seizures from a missed dose of the product, and patients should consult with their physician before discontinuing the drug.


Pfizer said the recall of the affected lot will not result in a shortage of Neurontin 100-mg capsules. Consumers are encouraged to contact Pfizer Medical Information at 800.438.1985 if they have any questions about the recall.