PharmaLex Completes Joint Venture With OSTHUS Services

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The joint venture with OSTHUS will expand PharmaLex’s IT consulting and system integration expertise.

PharmaLex announced a joint venture with OSTHUS Services, a consulting and system integrations firm, on Sept. 14th, 2021. The goal of this venture is to expand PharmaLex’s information technology (IT) consulting and system expertise in the life sciences industry.

OSTHUS will provide PharmaLex with data and information technology strategy, data governance, and advanced analytics and laboratory informatics. Ultimately, they hope to transform data into digital assets that can drive informed decision-making, expand knowledge, reduce costs, and accelerate time to market.

“OSTHUS creates value through an integrated business, data, and IT strategy. The alliance with PharmaLex allows us to expand our business to provide vendor-agnostic consulting and solutions for our growing Life Sciences customer base,” said Andreas Mohr, a member of OSTHUS’ founding team, in a PharmaLex press release. “We look forward to leveraging PharmaLex’s reputation as a leading provider in the industry to remove innovation barriers and to promote a data and technology-centric business culture.”

Andreas Mohr, a member of the company’s founding team, will continue to lead and manage OSTHUS Services. Torsten Osthus will support PharmaLex and OSTHUS in an advisory role.


“The collaboration with OSTHUS will serve to strengthen our Technology Enabled Smart Services, the ‘Global Statistics and Data Science’ unit, as well as our computerized system validation and data governance services, while benefiting our information technology group as we build our own data warehouse,” said PharmaLex CEO Thomas Dobmeyer in the press release. “Together with OSTHUS we now have the manpower and expertise to deliver the growing client demand of building customized information technology solutions. Our technology-enabled solutions deliver a step change in the efficiency, speed, quality, and responsiveness of business processes and support faster and more informed decision making.”

Source: PharmaLex