PhRMA Releases 2014 Cancer Report Detailing Nearly 800 New Medicines

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The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America released their 2014 Cancer Report that highlights the biopharmaceutical companies developing new medicines and vaccines used for the treatment of cancer.

Cancer accounts for one in every four deaths in the United States, with the number of individuals developing cancer increasing every year. In 2001, there were 9.8 million cases of cancer, and in 2012, there were 13.7 million reported cases, yet deaths have decreased by 20% since the 1990s, according to the American Cancer Society. On Oct. 6, 2014, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) released a new

that details the steps biopharmaceutical research companies in the US are taking to develop nearly 800 new medicines and vaccines for cancer.


"Continued research has expanded our knowledge of how cancer develops and how to target medicines for specific cancer types, which has resulted in more effective therapies for patients,” said PhRMA President and CEO John J. Castellani, in a press release.

Biopharmaceutical research companies are working together with academic medical centers, government, and non-profit organizations to continue to increase the number of new therapies. The report explains that there are over 200 unique diseases and 771 medicines and vaccines in clinical trials or awaiting FDA review. Of these treatments, 98 are for lung cancer, 87 for leukemia, 78 for lymphoma, 73 for breast cancer, 56 for skin cancer, and 48 for ovarian cancer.

Source: PhRMA