Powder Dispensing System Targets Small Batch Manufacturing

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The Cube Plus automated precision powder dispensing system from GiroNEX fills capsules or vials.

The Cube Plus automated precision powder dispensing system from GiroNEX is intended for use in manufacturing powder-filled capsules and vials for early phase clinical trials and related drug development studies. The system targets the gap between powder dispensing systems to help automate routine R&D laboratory fill and weigh tasks and high-volume pharmaceutical capsule-filling machines. 

The Cube Plus dispenses from one milligram to one gram of single or formulated pharmaceutical powders into each capsule with an accuracy of more than +/- 2%.  It can be used to prepare batches of a few hundred or thousand capsules and can also be used to fill vials or syringes. 

Dedicated software for a regulated production environment features controlled user access levels and records all user details, capsule weights to the nearest microgram, and other information into secure electronic records to comply with FDA 21 Code of Federal Regulations Part 11 regulations for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Validation documents for good manufacturing practice compliance are available.


The systems are designed to work with reusable stainless-steel powder dispensing heads and are supplied with a series of interchangeable heads covering a broad range of powder types and behaviors. In addition, the AI-driven dispensing technology continuously characterizes the powder’s behavior during every dispense.

Source: GiroNEX