Powder Dosing Unit Reduces Waste

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MG America’s Extrudor system for its capsule filling equipment uses only one dosing disk per capsule size for all dosages.

The Extrudor system from MG America, the US subsidiary of MG2 in Italy, is a newly patented powder dosing unit for the company’s AlternA70N Intermittent Motion Capsule Filler, which fills powders and pellets into hard-shell gelatin capsules. The design requires only one dosing disk per capsule size, regardless of the dosage, which reduces the number of parts needed and increases flexibility. 

Traditionally, capsule filling has required different dosing disks depending on specific fill weights. The new system simplifies the capsule filling process using a redesigned dosing container and dosing disk that improve dosing accuracy and fill weight consistency. The system uses a “capping” concept to keep powder inside the dosing disk and dosing container, which reduces powder loss, improves yields, reduces cleanup time, and minimizes preventative maintenance costs.

Source: MG America