Powder Systems Limited's Laboratory Filter–Dryer Enables Scalability

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The vacuum laboratory filtration and drying unit is available in metal for higher pressures.

The GFD laboratory nutsche filter–dryer from Powder Systems Limited (PSL), originally in glass, is now available in metal to allow higher pressures. The laboratory-scale unit can be used for feasibility studies and trials before scaling up to a commercial-scale agitated nutsche filter dryer (ANFD). The stainless-steel or alloy 22 versions allow better replication of the pressures in commercial ANFD.  

The smallest "Mini Lab GFD" laboratory unit has a total volume of 0.3 L that can filter a cake volume up to 0.1 L and is suitable for laboratory-scale trials. The "Lab GFD" size includes a removable filtration basket of 0.01-m² for a cake volume of 0.5 L for small-scale synthesis, and the "Maxi Lab GFD" filters a cake volume of 5 L with 0.05-m² filtration area.

Source: Powder Systems Limited