Precision Brushless Motor

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, June 2022, Volume 46, Issue 6
Pages: 12

AMETEK Haydon Kerk Pittman’s 57mm size motor in its IDEA Motor series is designed for real-time, embedded motion control.

AMETEK Haydon Kerk Pittman has released a 57mm size in its IDEA Motor series, joining the existing 42mm model. The IDEA Motor series combines a precision brushless servo motor with an IDEA Drive controller to reduce design time, wiring needs, and overall cabinet space. Its programmable drive is specifically designed for real-time, embedded motion control, making it suitable for autonomous and precise single- axis motion.

The IDEA Motor series is a pre-engineered, factory-configured and -tested servo system that allows customers to develop, save, and debug complex and precise motion sequences. As an integrated package, it saves components, money, and space relative to the traditional DC motor, external drive, encoder, and cables setup. The product reduces components by up to 75% per axis and simplifies troubleshooting, and further reductions can be achieved by wiring sensor inputs and control outputs directly to the IDEA Motor rather than through a control cabinet. Each motor in the IDEA series is available with optional factory-configurable gearboxes.

AMETEK Haydon Kerk Pittman