Prefillable Syringe Closure Systems Enhance Usability

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The syriQ Rigid Cap (SRC) and SCHOTT TopPac Rigid Cap (TRC) closure systems from Schott use an intuitive twist-off mechanism for ease of use and container closure integrity.

Schott's syriQ Rigid Cap (SRC) and SCHOTT TopPac Rigid Cap (TRC) closure systems for prefillable syringes (PFS) use an intuitive twist-off mechanism that offers more flexibility for pharma companies while keeping patients safe. The caps ensure the integrity of the container, yet the intuitive twist-off mechanism can easily be opened by healthcare professionals or patients. The new closure systems offer a seamless fit for Schott's prefilled glass syringes, known under the brand name syriQ, and SCHOTT TopPac, its polymer equivalent.

SRC combines a rubber tip cap with a rigid cap screwed in a Luer Lock adapter. The closure system comes pre-assembled with SCHOTT's syriQ glass syringe barrels, all pre-sterilized and in a standard nest-and-tub configuration. Because the materials are similar to SCHOTT’s existing product line, drug manufacturers can quickly integrate SRC into existing production set-ups.

TRC, a rigid cap for the SCHOTT TopPac polymer PFS portfolio, is fitted with a rubber-tip cap and twist-off mechanism, which enhances container closure integrity during filling, processing, transportation, and shelf life. TRC is easy to open and easy to connect with hypodermic needles, IV connectors, or vial adapters, and reduces the risk of contamination while opening the closure system.

Source: Schott