Prefilled Syringe Includes Safety System

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Ompi EZ-fill ISS for prefilled syringes offers needlestick protection for staked needle syringes.

Ompi EZ-fill ISS is an integrated safety system for prefilled syringes that offers needlestick protection for staked needle syringes. The product is the first development within the platform licensed by Tip-Top, a primary designer of proprietary safety needlestick protection devices and technologies. Based on their mini-Max design, Ompi EZ-fill ISS avoids piercing after rubber needle shield removal, providing an end-user experience similar to a standard syringe.

The syringe is designed to fit existing fill–finish formats. It is supplied in a standard nest and tub configuration for easy processing on current fill-finish lines, with a significant reduction in terms of total cost of ownership. The integrated safety system includes a rubber needle shield inserted in a plastic shield with flexible wings, combined with a ring and a hub, preassembled on the Ompi EZ-fill Syringe. Its functional performances allow locking the needle inside the safety device with no possibility to expose it again, after usage.

The system includes all formats of staked needle syringes and it is customizable in terms of needle gauge and length, barrel volume, rubber components, and siliconization. It meets the needs of different drug products applications including biotech, heparin, and vaccines.


Source: Ompi