Prequalified Cold-Chain Shipping Systems Are Designed for Various Durations

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Cryopak’s CryoCube reusable temperature-controlled shipping systems are available in several insulation categories, and a tailored solution can be modeled using thermal modeling software.

Cryopak’s CryoCube line of reusable temperature-controlled shipping systems for cold chain packaging provides four insulation categories to satisfy a wider range of customer needs. In addition to the existing fabricated expanded polystyrene (EPS) and vacuum insulated panel (VIP) solutions, Cryopak now offers the CryoCube in molded EPS as well as polyurethane (PUR) varieties.

These containers offer flexibility and cost-efficiency in sustainable, prequalified cold-chain shipping solutions. Choices include an economical option with fabricated EPS for shorter durations (starting at 36 hours), a highest thermal performance option with VIP for extended durations (up to 120 hours), and anywhere in between with the new molded EPS and PUR models. The systems have been ergonomically designed to be lightweight and easy to packout.

Cryopak can now employ its new Ansys Fluent simulation software to help create a more tailored solution. This thermal modeling capability will allow the company to expedite an optimized, cost-efficient Cube design to meet specific customer requirements.

Source: Cryopak