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Applikon Biotechnology

Products and services

Biotechnology needs sophisticated tools. One of the key instruments in the bio-process is the bioreactor system. The bioreactor needs to be well defined and as much as possible information should be collected from the bio-process. The fieldbus powered control system and utility console i-Control is the sophisticated and reliable bio-process control unit as required by the bio-process scientist of today.

Bio-process technology today requires highly sophisticated and reliable measurement and control systems. Whether it is for micro-bioreactors, labscale autoclavable units or for SIP/CIP bioreactors, it is a fact that advanced control technologies and SCADA options, are required.


Sophistication and reliability are keywords for the Applikon bioreactor systems: reactor vessels, sensors, actuators, control systems and supervisory (control) software. The products and services of Applikon Biotechnology include autoclavable units, S.I.P./C.I.P. bioreactors, micro-bioreactor systems as well as Single-Use-Bioreactors. The product portfolio comprises standardized bioreactors with volumes ranging from 1ml working volume up to 2000L volume, serving the whole market: from research to pilot plant, from process development to production scale.All products (standard) can be supplied with full documentation (IQ, OQ) to comply with cGMP, GAMP and FDA standards.

The mission of Applikon Biotechnology is to serve the customers and service their equipment, now and in the future.

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