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New, mixed-mode chromatography sorbents offer unique advantages to drug manufacturers by adding new chromatographic selectivities that simplify the process of protein purification. Phenylpropylamino (PPA) HyperCelTM and Hexylamino (HEA) HyperCel mixed-mode sorbents are new additions to the MEP HyperCel family, and can be used in a range of approaches to purification since they combine the characteristics of HIC and IEX.

In the intermediate purification steps, process developers will often screen a range of traditional HIC sorbents to identify one that will help resolve the target antibody or other protein from various hydrophobic impurities in the process stream. Including HEA / PPA HyperCel and even MEP HyperCel in such a screening may assist the process developer in that their different selectivities can be exploited to fine-tune a separation.

For example, their mixed-mode interaction mechanism can help distinguish proteins with similar isoelectric points; a separation that can be challenging with ion exchange chromatography. Binding is achieved at neutral pH (i.e., PBS, pH 7.4), principally by hydrophobic interaction, and elution is driven by electrostatic charge repulsion by step-wise reduction of the pH to values below the pI of the protein. However, the HIC interaction is achieved at considerably lower salt concentrations than is required were a traditional HIC sorbent to be used. As a result, PPA and HEA HyperCel may provide substantial savings by reducing costs associated with purchasing and disposing of lyotrophic salts. Also, unlike traditional HIC, the target protein is recovered in dilute buffer, reducing the need for further diafiltration.

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