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product showcase

Sealed container
The “SimpleMIX” system from Veltek Associates is a sealed multichamber container that, when activated, mixes two sterilizing solutions. The top part of the container holds the sterile concentrate disinfectant or sporicide and the bottom part contains sterile USP WFI-quality water. Veltek Associates, Malvern, PA,, Tel. 610.983.4949

Milling systems
The Fitzpatrick Co. offers two compact milling units for small-capacity applications. The “FS 75 FitzSieve” system is designed for calibration and gentle size reduction. The “L1A FitzMill” comminutor unit is designed for emulsifying, dispersing, blending, pulverizing, granulating, and similar process operations requiring controlled-size reduction. The system is designed to produce uniform particle sizes for better process control of color, taste, flowability, density, dispersion rates, and chemical reactions. The Fitzpatrick Co., Elmhurst, IL,, Tel. 630.530.3333

Coating systems
Chr. Hansen offers customized formulations of clear and colored coating systems in dry and liquid (dispersed) forms. The formulations include natural cellulosic polymers and sugars, from aqueous to solvent-based applications. Film, sugar, aqueous, high gloss, and moisture barrier coatings are supplied in complete ready-to-use systems. Chr. Hansen holds patents on colored dispersion film- forming processes and has patents pending on film-coating technology and controlled-release systems. Chr. Hansen, Inc., Milwaukee, Wl,, Tel. 414.607.5700

Isolation–insertion system
Weiler Engineering’s “ASEP-TECH” model 624 blow–fill–seal (BFS) isolation–insertion system features an isolation chamber and special track mechanism for the production of a BFS combination package. The incorporation of a sterile tip and cap, a rubber stopper, or another multientry insert into the BFS package offers added flexibility in container design and drug delivery methods. The systems are offered in sizes ranging from 3 to 1000 mL. Weiler Engineering, Elgin, IL,, Tel. 847.697.4900

Headspace system
The new “HT3” static/dynamic headspace system has been designed to switch between static and dynamic techniques within a single schedule which provides flexibility for residual solvent and OVI analysis. The system continually sweeps the sample and traps the VOCs, providing improved sensitivity. Teledyne Tekmar, Mason, OH,, Tel. 800.874.2004

Outsourcing services
OSG Norwich Pharmaceuticals has released a brochure describing its outsourcing services for the pharmaceutical industry. Capabilities include manufacturing, packaging, quality services, and distribution for solids, semisolids, and liquids. Services include development, scale-up, clinical trials, and commercial production. OSG Norwich Pharmaceuticals, Norwich, NY,, Tel. 607.335.3000

Cargill’s foods and pharmaceutical specialties business unit offers a full line of starches and derivatives that are suitable as raw materials for pharmaceutical formulations. Native, instant, and modified starches such as maltodextrins, polyols, and cyclo-dextrins can be used as excipient binders, disintegrates, and fillers. Cargill, Minneapolis, MN,, Tel. 952.742.6000

Ion source
Thermo Electron’s “Finnigan vMALDI” ion source enables high-throughput protein identification by combining the speed of MALDI with the sensitivity of the Finnigan LTQ to create SEQUEST-searchable MS–MS spectra for confident protein assignments. The automated data-dependent MS–MS analysis using the vMALDI ion source takes <1 min per sample. Thermo Electron Corp., Waltham, MA,, Tel. 800.532.4752

Drum pump systems
Cole-Parmer Instrument Co. has released a new line of batch-control drum pumps that are engineered to control, measure, and dispense fluids from drums, tanks, and small storage vessels. The systems incorporate a batch control meter to accurately deliver the required volume of fluid. This configuration is designed to prevent direct contact with corrosive chemicals while controlling exact amounts of fluids, thereby reducing fluid waste. The variable-speed motor generates flow rates as fast as 25 gpm. Cole-Parmer Instrument Co., Vernon Hills, IL,, Tel. 800.323.4340


Contract services
Baxter has released a brochure describing its contract services. With manufacturing capabilities on both clinical and commercial scales, Baxter produces human and veterinary products encompassing small molecule, biologic, vaccine, and protein pharmaceuticals. Baxter also provides a variety of sterile product dosage forms, including solutions, suspensions, emulsions, and freeze-dried powders. Baxter Pharmaceutical Solutions, Bloomington, IN,, Tel. 800.353.0887

Integrated systems
O’Hara offers fully integrated systems that include air-handling units, spray systems, and dust collectors. Also available are tablet-coating systems with perforated drums ranging from 36 to 70 in.; laboratory coating systems with drum sizes from 10 to 30 in., including three or four interchangeable drums; tray-drying ovens from 100 to 400 K; V-shell and conical blenders; fluid-bed dryer granulator available in both laboratory and production sizes; and conventional coating pans and spray systems. O’Hara Technologies, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada,, Tel. 905.707.3286

Parenteral products
Hospira One 2 One is a world leader in the custom manufacture of parenteral products offering vials, flexible containers, cartridges, prefilled syringes, and ampules. Hospira's expertise comes from 70 years of quality manufacturing. One 2 One has been a reliable outsourcing partner to some of the world's largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Hospira One 2 One, Lake Forest, IL,, Tel. 224.212.2267

Industrial vacuum cleaners
Nilfisk-Advance America has introduced its “CFM 08” industrial vacuum cleaners. The three-phase, HEPA-filtered vacuums are engineered for nonstop operation and minimal maintenance, making them suitable for process-integrated applications, central systems, and general cleaning. Oversized main filters prevent premature clogging during the collection of ultrafine powders. The vacuum cleaners also feature a quiet-running motor and a cord holder for increased worker comfort and safety. Nilfisk-Advance America, Malvern, PA,, Tel. 877.215.8322

Stability services
Lancaster Laboratories offers stability studies with services ranging from protocol writing to storage and testing. Tracking and trending of data also are available. The company has the capability to test solid dosage forms, liquids, suspensions, transdermals, aerosols, and comparator products. Stability storage consists of 22 different temperature and humidity conditions with more than 20,000 ft³ of storage space. Lancaster Laboratories, Lancaster, PA,, Tel. 717.656.2300

Transfer packaging for prefillable syringes
BD has developed its “BD TSCF” packaging for the secure transfer of sterile prefillable syringe components into the pharmaceutical filling environment. The BD TSCF packaging is compatible with IDC “Biosafe” female doors for aseptic filling machines under isolator or barrier systems. This packaging is part of the “BD SCF” global offer, which incorporates the following expertise in the processing and manufacturing of drug delivery systems: sterile processing of preservative-free drugs; secure, reliable, easy-to-use systems; sterile, ready-to-fill; and drug master file and technical dossier. BD Medical, Pharmaceutical Systems, Franklin Lakes, NJ,, Tel. 800.225.3310

Compacting and tableting sugar
Domino Specialty Ingredients offers a brochure describing its compacting and tableting sugar. “Di-Pac” is a sponge-like, agglomerated-structure excipient that is derived from a cocrystallization manufacturing process. The sugar has low hygroscopicity and is resistant to reactions with most active ingredients. Domino Specialty Measurements Inc., Baltimore, MD,, Tel. 446.9763

Contract manufacturing
Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Outsourcing is a contract manufacturer that specializes in oral solid dose and oral liquid products. Clientele ranges from well-established to emerging pharmaceutical companies. The company’s 200,000-ft² facility is FDA and DEA IV compliant and operates under CGMP conditions. Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Outsourcing, Hobart, NY,, Tel. 607.538.9124

Particle design
Hovione offers a brochure that describes its particle design technology and CGMP-compliant spray drying facilities, which have been designed to build on the company’s expertise in all major areas of API development. Particle design technologies include controlled crystallization, micronization by jet-milling, freeze drying, and freeze fracturing. Analytical support includes malvern, DSC, infrared, and NMR. Hovione, Sete Casas, Portugal,, Tel. 1351 21 982 9245