Product Spotlight: Automation/IT/Process Control

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-05-02-2013, Volume 37, Issue 5

New product reviews for May 2013, featuring automation, IT, and process control systems.

Laboratory information management system reduces total cost of ownership


The Accelrys Process Management and Compliance Suite has been expanded with the addition of the Accelrys Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). This system uses a process-driven approach, which focuses on laboratory, quality-control, and manufacturing processes, in contrast to the sample-driven approach used by traditional LIMS. This process-driven approach enables organizations to achieve repeatability and consistency of procedures, automatically qualify operational changes, and maintain a lower total cost of ownership. The Accelrys LIMS integrates with Accelrys Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), Accelrys Laboratory Execution System (LES), Accelrys Electronic Batch Records (EBR), Accelrys Discoverant process management informatics, and the Accelrys Enterprise Platform (AEP) for data exchange to provide an end-to-end informatics system that makes data accessible across an organization.

ID and label-verification software enables serialization

Cognex Corporation released its new version of the In-Sight Track & Trace identification- and data-verification solution for healthcare serialization. This version includes enhancements that address additional requirements for pharmaceutical and medical-device manufacturers to achieve unit-level product traceability.

In-Sight Track & Trace 2.0 can be used with multiple networked In-Sight vision systems to decode human-readable text along with 2-D and 1-D barcodes, including Data Matrix, GS1-128, GS1 DataBar, securPharm, and Pharmacode. Its pre-programmed add-on software package needs little set up through a touch screen or HMI. In-Sight Track & Trace can be easily integrated into third-party serialization software or MES with industrial protocol support and built-in I/O controls. The technical controls needed for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 validation, including secure user authentication and automatic audit trail generation, are also included.


Software streamlines compliance and quality management

GXPi has unveiled X-forms as the latest extension to its electronic document management platform (EDM) X-docs. The X-forms interface is designed to manage, track, and resolve quality issues for the life-sciences industry. The product comes complete with functionality to facilitate several quality processes, including change control, CAPA and deviation management, audit management, and other client-driven, quality process-related configurations.

The X-docs platform was developed to streamline compliance processes to deliver both ergonomic functionality and long-term cost savings. Following installation to X-docs, X-forms can then be tailored to meet a range of specific business processes in the quality related space, and also provide the ability to add further modules as clients grow, all on the same, familiar platform.


Mass spectrometer offers qualitative and quantitative analysis with user-friendly capabilities

Bruker's COMPACT LC-QqTOF mass spectrometer achieves sensitivity levels normally associated with triple-quadrupole instruments while delivering research grade, high-resolution full-scan data even high UHPLC speeds.

The COMPACT system features 10-bit ADC detection technology and gains a 3–4 times higher dynamic range during real LC timescales. The system also features productivity gains by increased robustness to sample variation, allowing reduced sample pretreatment especially intended for high-throughput, quantitative applications. The new technology also provides 50-GBit/sec sampling speed, and new autoMSMS acquisitions, which react in real time to optimize acquisition parameters to the incident sample.