Product Spotlight: Automation/IT/Process Control

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-03-02-2013, Volume 37, Issue 3

New product reviews for March 2013, featuring automation, IT, and process control systems.

Editors' Picks of Pharmaceutical Science & Technology Innovations


Dynamic light scattering system measures microrheology and protein structure

The Zetasizer Nano ZSP is an addition to the Malvern Instruments' range of dynamic light scattering (DLS) systems. The Nano ZSP measures both size and zeta potential (i.e., electrophoretic mobility) of proteins. A new protein mobility measurement type in the software that controls data acquisition guides the user through the measurement and assesses and reports on data quality. The Nano ZSP uses a new version of Zetasizer software that enables microrheology measurements for the first time on Zetasizer instruments. This DLS-based optical technique allows rheological characterization of weakly-structured and highly strain-sensitive materials using only microliter-sample volumes.

Malvern Instruments

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Updated process optimization software offers usability enhancements

The latest version of Aspen Technology's aspenONE software (V8) provides new functionality, and usability and visualization enhancements. For manufacturing and supply chain purposes, the software features adaptive process control, which automates many tasks and makes maintenance a continuous process. The software also includes the company's Aspen Collaborative Demand Manager, which provides information to help manage different forecasting requirements. Other features include energy and economic analysis and solids modeing functionality.

Aspen Technology, Inc.

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iPad app for mass spectrometry applications

The Overlap Evaluator iPad app from Hiden Analytical is a reference tool for users of mass spectrometers operating in the fields of vacuum science and vacuum processing, and for research involving real-time gas-analysis systems. The evaluator enables the user to create a mass spectral overview of multiple fragmentation spectra to identify the mass peaks with least spectral interference, and therefore, most suited to species monitoring, and includes a quick mass peak look up table from a library of common gas and vapor species.

Hiden Analytical

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Technology offers nucleation process control in freeze drying

SP Scientific's ControLyo Nucleation On-Demand Technology can be retrofitted to range of previously installed production freeze dryers and can help to make the freezing step more repeatable. The random nature of nucleation has often prevented the freezing step of lyophilization from being controlled, but SP Scientific's technology helps to regulate the nucleation temperature. As well as offering greater control over cycle optimization, the technology can also help improve vial-to-vial uniformity, reduce cycle times, reduce protein aggregation and enable easier process scale-up. In addition, the technology can help lyophilization processes to adhere to process analytical technology and quality-by-design initiatives.

SP Scientific

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