PwC Releases Report Highlighting the Need for FDA-Consumer Collaboration

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PwC released a report based on surveys completed by consumers and senior industry leaders, which focuses on FDA procedures.


PwC’s Health Research Institute (HRI), which provides intelligence, perspectives, and analysis on trends in health-related industries, released the report “The FDA and industry: A recipe for collaborating in the New Health Economy,” on Jan. 26, 2015.

"To meet 21st century demands for innovation, it will be important for drug and medical device manufacturers to collaborate with the FDA to consider changes to the regulatory framework. While recognizing the FDA's investments to improve its relationships with manufacturers and speed drug and device delivery, manufacturers still want greater flexibility in product development and review,” said Mike Swanick, global pharmaceuticals and life sciences leader, PwC, in a press release.

The report, which is based on surveys from consumers and senior industry leaders, found that 78% of executives admit that FDA has improved the quality and frequency of its communication over the past two years. In addition, 76% believe that FDA provides actionable feedback, and 70% think that over the last two years, FDA has offered more applicable guidance, rules, and regulations. With quicker approvals and increased post-market surveillance, 71% believe that FDA could accelerate approval programs.


Understandably, healthcare consumers said that they would like to provide input into developing therapies. Only 39% said they believe that FDA incorporates their views into the review process of therapies, while slightly fewer (38%) said that drug and device manufacturers consider their input.

To view the full report, please visit PwC.

Source: PR Newswire