Raman Immersion Probe Measures Samples Inline

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The BallProbe from MarqMetrix is an optical sampling interface for inline, real-time measurements.

The Performance BallProbe from MarqMetrix is a Raman immersion probe for immediate, precise, in-line sample measurements. With TouchRaman technology, the user touches the probe lens to a sample, and a precise measurement is immediately captured. "This tool is designed so that the best signal is achieved when the sample is touched, which means no more fumbling to improve focus. The technology can be used anywhere by anyone to measure virtually all types of substances," said Brian Marquardt, founder and chief science officer of MarqMetrix, in a press release.

Measuring a sample directly in-line during production eliminates waiting for quality assurance lab results, which reduces waste and improves efficiency. Another benefit of the Performance BallProbe is the ability to measure a sample without handling the product. The BallProbe chasis and spherical lens are designed so there is no need for an individual to come into direct contact with the sample. This eliminates the risk of contaminating the sample and enables users to measure hazardous or unknown substances.

The Performance BallProbe is manufactured with bio-compatible 316 stainless steel, making the probe affordable while still providing a wide range of chemical resistance from various elements and exposures. It also includes MarqMetrix’s patented ball lens in an 8-mm, high-precision, UV-grade sapphire sphere. The proprietary sapphire used for MarqMetrix’s BallProbe has low levels of impurity, which minimizes interferences to ensure a precise reading. The spherical sapphire also enables a self-cleaning interface, allowing for a non-fouling tip that captures precise measurements in even the most challenging substances. This prevents a buildup of materials on the lens that can contaminate the reading or cause the optic to deteriorate.


Source: MarqMetrix