Recipharm Reveals Plans to Discontinue Operations in Two Swedish Facilities

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As part of Recipharm’s ongoing initiative to improve profitability and competitiveness, a decision has been made to end operations in Stockholm and Höganäs.

Recipharm has announced intention to end manufacturing operations at its facilities in Stockholm and Höganäs, Sweden. Since 2015, Recipharm has been implementing efficiency activities in the Swedish part of the business segment known as Solids and Others. Such efforts have included reducing headcount and rationalizing low-profitability contracts. As part of Recipharm’s ongoing initiative to improve profitability and competitiveness, a decision has been made to start a process with the intention of discontinuing activities both in Stockholm and Höganäs.

Recipharm’s operations in the greater Stockholm area are focused on tablet manufacturing, with approximately 180 employees. The CDMO stated that it will explore the opportunity to close the facilities during the second half of 2019. Recipharm’s operations in Höganäs employ approximately 45 people and are specialized in sachet and stick pack filling, primarily for powders and granules. As part of the process, the CDMO will evaluate different options for the facility, which will include divestment of the manufacturing site, with the intention to have discontinued its involvement in operations by the end of 2018 at the latest.

Negotiations with representatives of the employees will be initiated immediately with the expectation for a final decision regarding discontinued manufacturing operations in Stockholm and Höganäs to be made before year end 2017. Recipharm will offer clients the opportunity to transfer manufacturing to other facilities in the group to minimize any potential impact on patients.

“While this is a strategic choice made to optimize our manufacturing, it is a difficult decision as the closure affects approximately 225 of our Swedish employees, who have demonstrated commitment and hard work to provide high quality products and services. It is of course our intention to ensure fair and respectful treatment to all throughout this process,” Thomas Eldered, CEO of Recipharm, said in a press statement. “Moving forward, the planned changes will enable us to focus our attention on the most competitive and efficient manufacturing facilities in our group. At a strategic level, we continue to pursue our mission to develop and manufacture pharmaceuticals for demanding customers for global use. As such, our financial objectives remain unchanged.”


The operations in Stockholm and Höganäs currently generate a negative annualized run rate EBITDA of approximately 25 SEK million. Discontinuing operations in Höganäs and Stockholm will lead to an EBITDA margin and profitability improvement in the strategic business segment Solids and Others. Estimated non-recurring costs associated with the decision to discontinue operations are expected to be charged to the Q4 2017 results.

Source: Recipharm