The Republic of Ireland Invests in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Center

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The University of Limerick will be the headquarters for a new $6.4-million research and innovation center.

The University of Limerick has announced the launch of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre (PMTC) on Sept. 12, 2014, which will be headquartered at the University of Limerick. 
The Republic of Ireland’s Department of Jobs, Enterprise, and Innovation will invest $6.4 million into the center over the course of five years. PMTC will focus on innovation and manufacturing issues that threaten the Irish pharmaceutical industry, which contributes more than $51 billion in annual Irish exports per year.

PMTC is designed to support the Irish pharmaceutical industry, which employs more than 25,000 individuals, while working to make Ireland the global hub of pharmaceutical process innovation and manufacturing. PMTC is one of 15 state-supported technology centers established jointly by Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland. The center includes 24 industry partners and nine higher education institutes who will supply research.


Source: University of Limerick