Rommelag Marks 50 Years of BFS Technology

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Rommelag continues to supply blow-fill-seal machinery, with the brand name bottelpack.

Rommelag announced its 50th year of supplying blow-fill-seal machinery, with the brand name bottelpack. Rommelag is a member of the Hansen Group headed by CEO Bernd Hansen, with sales companies in Switzerland, Germany, the US, and China.

All bottelpack machines operate using the blow-fill-seal principle (BFS), a single automatic process in which containers are created from thermoplastic granules (blow), contents are inserted (fill) and closed (seal). BFS technology does not require the cleaning and sterilization processes that are used in other kinds of container production, according to Rommelag. Used for the aseptic packaging of sterile liquids, creams, ointments and vaccines, the machines are equipped with additional modules for QA and monitoring. Modules include aseptic systems for automatic cleaning and sterilization of lines that come into contact with products.

Rommelag reports that aseptic packaging by means of bottelpack BFS systems is gaining popularity and plastic materials offer advantages to manufacturers and users of infusion containers and ampoules. The packaging can be made very thin without risk of breaking, is easily collapsible, and is chemically inert.


Source: Rommelag