Roquette Invests €25 million for Polyols at its Site in Lestrem, France

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Roquette is investing €25 million at its site in Lestrem, France to strengthen its position in the polyols market.

Roquette, a company focused on providing plant-based ingredients, plant proteins, and pharmaceutical excipients, announced on March 22, 2022 an investment plan for €25 million (approximately USD $27.5 million) for liquid and powder polyols between 2022 and 2024 at its site in Lestrem, France. The investment will establish a strong, reliable supply for the future and strengthen the company’s position as a leader in the polyols market.

Polyols are key pharmaceutical excipients in oral dosage forms. They are directly compressible and aid in the formulation of swallowable, chewable, or dispersible tablets. The higher purity grades of polyols are also APIs and are widely used in injectable solutions. They are also used in oral care applications because of their functionalities as non-crystallizing humectant, non-cariogenic, or shelf-life enhancer.

The investment will improve equipment efficiency, increase safety standards, standardize industrial operations, and improve overall production performance. The investment will also ensure a sustainable supply of polyols in the market and meet customers’ increasing expectations for greater flexibility.


Source: Roquette