Rotary Capsule Filler Reduces Product Loss

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MG America's TEKNA Capsule Filler has advanced controls to reduce powder loss and maintain optimal performance.


MG America's TEKNA Capsule Filler is designed for powder dosing both low-dose (4–40 mg) and standard powder filling ranges. The filler can produce up to 70,000 capsules per hour or up to 140,000 per hour with upgrades. The capsule filler uses a "no capsule–no dosage" concept whereby the machine cancels the dose of a specific dosator if a capsule is missing.  This function reduces product loss during both start-up and production and also avoids the dispersion of powder in the dosing area and surrounding environment.

The new capsule filler also comes standard with MultiNETT, a 100% on-board net-weight control system that monitors and reports the net weight of each dosed capsule. The system employs capacitive tomography for accuracy and precision, regardless of variables such as the position or quantity of product inside a capsule. The system rejects all capsules it deems out of specification. In addition, the system monitors the process indexes in order to identify possible improvements.  If necessary, MultiNETT self-adjusts the dosing chamber to keep the process in line with the required parameters.  

The capsule filler is offered in containment levels up to OEB 5/OEL 5.  Optional wet-in-place, wash-in-place, and clean-in-place functions are available. 

Source: MG America